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Brain health is one of the most pressing health challenges facing Canadians. Surpassing cancer and cardiovascular disease in their magnitude and impact, disorders of the brain account for 13% of the global disease burden. In one out of six children, brain disorders take the form of a neurodisability with life-long implications. Advances in neurodevelopmental disorder research are leading to an understanding of the etiology of these disabilities, better diagnostics and screening, therapeutic interventions, and improved frontline care and social support services.

In order to advance our understanding of all aspects of these disorders, Brain Canada, Kids Brain Health (formerly NeuroDevNet), and Research Institutes across Canada are joining together to support and enhance the training of talented young scientists conducting research focused on these key aspects of developmental neurosciences under the direction of leading Canadian researchers.

Through a partnership between Brain Canada (through the Canada Brain Research Fund), Kids Brain Health and Institutional Partners, we announce a competition for studentships in developmental neurosciences valued at up to $30,000 per year for a maximum funding term of two years, and postdoctoral fellowships valued at up to $50,000 per year for a maximum funding term of two years. Importantly, Brain Canada will match Institutional support dollar for dollar for all awards given.

All awards include an additional $5,000 per year career development supplement. In addition, all awardees will be required to attend the Kids Brain Health Annual Brain Development Conference as well as training courses and workshops organized through the Kids Brain Health Training Program.


The awards will be made to outstanding doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows undertaking a program of research training that incorporates original research into the origins, early detection and effective treatment of disorders of brain development. This research will further our understanding of normal brain development as well as disorders of the developing brain when disrupted by genetic, environmental or acquired injury, and ultimately lead to new strategies for prevention and mitigation through early intervention. This support for excellence in doctoral student and postdoctoral fellow training will contribute considerably to building Canadian capacity and leadership in translational research and therapeutic approaches to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Engagement in Training Plan Activities

The Training and Educational arm of this Fellowship Program, hosted by the Kids Brain Health Training Program, is aimed to provide value added career and training opportunities for all successful awardees. The principal emphasis of the Kids Brain Health Research Training Program is to develop cross-disciplinary and collaborative skill sets for the next generation of scientists, clinicians, and health service professionals. A cross-disciplinary approach will help provide young researchers with the diverse vocabulary and experience to interact with the neurodevelopmental disorders research community. For more information see: A full description of the training activitiesopportunities will be provided by NeuroDevNet to all successful awardees.

Application process

A. The institutions will solicit the doctoral and post-doctoral trainees eligible to apply to the Initiative and determine those applicants that will submit applications to the competition.

B. The institutions will provide a letter to Brain Canada confirming the number of doctoral scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships they are able to support for this Initiative.

C. All applications must be submitted using the Brain Canada electronic grant management system (

The deadline for applications is 4 PM  Eastern Time July 15, 2015.

Applicants should contact Brain Canada () with enquiries about the application process.


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