Funded Research

As Kids Brain Health Network’s research network grows, we continue to support individual investigators and groups in their research efforts, as well as to provide training fellowships for students, postdocs, and clinician scientists. Through these efforts we are working to accelerate the pace of understanding disorders of brain development and to implement solutions that improve the lives of affected children and families.

Opportunities Initiative Awards 2010

Modeling Periventricular White Matter Injury: Conditional Ablation of Oligodendrocyte Progenitors
(Alan Peterson, McGill University)

Functional Characterization of Autism Linked Genes
(Ann Marie Craig, University of British Columbia)

Investigation of the Utility of Computerized Cognitive Traning in Children with FASD
(Kimberly A. Kerns, University of Victoria)

Strength-Based Intervention for FASD
(Chris P. Bertram, University of the Fraser Valley)

Using Cardiovascular Exercise to Elevate Levels of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Enhance Cognition in children with FASD
(Brian Christie, University of Victoria)

CP Fit 'n' Fun Project: Health & Social Benefits of Virtual Exercise Games in Adolescents with CP
(Darcy Fehlings, University of Toronto)

Adaptive Training of Cognitive Function in ASD, FASD and ADHD
(Elizabeth Kelley, Queen's University; Daryl Wilson, Queen's University)

Pathophysiology Perinatal Stroke
(Adam Kirton, University of Calgary)

Bioinformatics Analysis of Gene Networks in Neurodevelopment
(Paul Pavlidis, University of British Columbia)