KBHN RFA-2017 Project Proposals

Thanks to all interested investigator teams who have submitted project proposals. This depth of this list is testament to the exciting work being initiated across Canada focussed on making a difference in the lives of children and families facing the challenges of neurodevelopment disabilities.
This list will allow submitting teams and Network Investigators to identify alignments of similarly directed projects, perhaps fostering strengthened collaborations or combining project initiatives.

Proto-Impact Projects:

Identification Number

Project Title

Project Description

PIP01 Extending the Reach of Early Intervention: Social ABCs Community Translation and Dissemination PDF
PIP02 Improving the Operation of Special Olympics Programs to Enhance Daily Life Function of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Strengthen Families' Resilience: A Knowledge Translation Program PDF
PIP03 Leveraging Technology to Enhance Collaborative and Integrated Care for Behaviour Health in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders PDF
PIP04 Developmental Origins of Neurodevelopmental Disorders  PDF
PIP05 Computational Approaches for Translational Brain Imaging for ASD PDF
PIP06 Vestibular Migraine and Brain Development PDF
PIP07 Videos4P Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory) - Machine-Learning for Body Posture and Motion Characteristics PDF
PIP08 Videos4P Medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory) - Machine-Learning for Facial Mimic Characteristics PDF
PIP09 Dynamic Registry with Incentives or Personalized Personal Electronic Medical Records - Creating Practice-Based Evidence PDF
PIP10 Community Implementation of Best Practice Interventions that Support Vulnerable Women at Higher Risk of Prenatal Alcohol Consumption PDF
PIP11 Influence of Family Therapy on Progress of ADHD Children PDF
PIP12 iTARGET Autism - Individualized Treatments for Autism Recovery Using Genetic and Environmental Targets PDF
PIP13 Perinatal Interventions for Neuroprotection, Casting Silver Bullets N/A
PIP14 Assistive Wearable Device for Children with Cerebral Palsy PDF
PIP15 Integrated Navigational Support for Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: A Pilot in Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon PDF
PIP16 Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry 2.0 PDF
PIP18 Diagnosis, Intervention and Family Support: Three Pillars to Improving Kids Brain Health PDF
PIP19 WOW! Welcome Orientation Workshops: New Ideas for Parenting a Child with an Early Onset Neurodisability in the 21st Century PDF
PIP20 RIGHTS: Rights Indicators Generating High Impact Translational Science in Childhood Disabilities PDF
PIP21 Health Brain Development through Healthy Movement: A Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge Mobilization Initiative PDF
PIP22 A Neural Repair Translational Proto-Impact Project PDF
PIP23 Development of Real-Time Software Analysis Algorithms for SleepSmart 2.0, a Mattress-Based Sensing System for Human Body Motion and Physiological Signal Capture PDF
PIP24 Monarch House Early Screening and Remote Diagnostic Acceleration PDF
PIP25 Monarch House Remote Service Model PDF
PIP26 Sildenafil to Repair Brain Injury Secondary to Birth Asphyxia PDF
PIP27 Natural Health Produch Prevention and Treatment of the Developmental Disabilities: Moving Forward to Bedside and Commercialization PDF
PIP29 Assessing Family Use of Services across Sectors for Children at Risk of, or With, Neurodevelopmental Disability: A Mixed Methods Approach PDF


Discovery Impact Projects:

Identification Number Project Title Project Description
DIP01 An Innovative Technological Platform for Enhancing Instruction Compliance and Learning of Instructional Cues in Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
DIP02 TrkB Signaling Through Akt and ERK pathways for Stratification and Therapeutic Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF
DIP03 Fit 'N' Fun - Exergames for All PDF
DIP04 Spontaneous Movements in Pre-Term Infants: Identifying Movement Phenotypes in the Developing Immature Brain PDF
DIP06 Innovative Assessment of Spoken Comprehension in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Development of the Canadian English C-BiLLT PDF
DIP08 Helpful or Harmful? Investigating the Impact of Disclosing Diagnosis on Social Engagement and Inclusion of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Community Contexts PDF
DIP09 Priming Cognitive Interventions with Exercise PDF
DIP10 Brain Computer Interfaces for Severely Disabled Children: Game Training for Future Independence PDF
DIP11 Using a Mouse Model to Understand the Pathogenesis and Improve the Cognitive Deficits in Children Affected with Pyridoxine-Dependent Epilepsy due to Antiquitin Deficiency N/A
DIP12 Evaluating the Impact of Attention and Working Memory Training on Children's Response to Reading Fluency Intervention PDF
DIP13 Assessing the Efficacy of a Self-Regulation Intervention for Children and Families Impacted by Neurodevelopmental Disabilities PDF
DIP14 Music-Assisted Executive Function Trianing (MAX-T) for ASD Treatment PDF
DIP15 Cell Based Strategies to Promote Neural Repair for Chronic Cerebral Palsy PDF
DIP16 A Strength-Based Intervention for Autism Spectrum Children PDF
DIP17 Genomic Biomarkers in FASD N/A
DIP18 Social Participation and Hippotherapy with Children: A Correlational Study of Parents' Perceptions PDF
DIP19 Research Trials for Collaborative Ethics Initiatives in Neurodevelopmental Disability PDF
DIP20 Longitudinal Evaluation of Neurobehavioural Outcomes in Children with Perinatal Stroke from the Alberta Perinatal Stroke Project (APSP) PDF
DIP21 Advances in Electroencephalography: Real-time Applications to Improve Outcomes for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities PDF
DIP22 Pharmacometrics-Based Decision Support Tools Development PDF
DIP23 Spatial-Temporal Guided Mitochondrial Dynamics and Autophagy in the Human Brain of Preterm Infants after Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury PDF
DIP24 A Wearable, Compensation-Reduction Bimanual Upper-Limb Therapy System Based on FEATERS 2.0 Hardware and Software Design PDF
DIP25 Mindful Kids / Mindful Parents: Mindfulness-Based Virtual Therapy for the Entire Family Living with NDD PDF
DIP26 Pilot Trial of ASD Screening of Infants in Primary Care Paediatric Practices PDF
DIP27 Cost-Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Stimulation in Children with Hemiparetic CP from Perinatal Stroke PDF


Team Development Grants:

Identification Number Project Title Project Description
TDG01 Intelligent Solutions for Atypical Auditory Processing in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders N/A
TDG02 Canadian Network for the Treatment of Intellectual Disability PDF
TDG03  Impact of Attention Profile of Children and Adolescents with Neurodevelopment Disorders on Learning, Educational Outcomes, and Quality of Life  PDF
TDG04  School Health Net: A Network to Support Health and Participation of Children with Special Needs at School  PDF
TDG05  Socioeconomic Status Twins and ADHD PDF
TDG06 Creating Sustainable Summer Work Experience for Young People with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: A Community-University Partnerhip PDF
TDG07  Canadian Initiative in Treatment of Youth Depression (CITY-D)  PDF
TDG08  Sensory Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder in Early Childhood PDF
TDG09  Building Capacity for Early Screening and Intervention of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Aboriginal Communities N/A
TDG10 From the Sleep / Wake-Behaviour App to a Dynamic Registry with Incentives or Personalized Personal Electronic Medical Record - Solving Organisational and Ethical Challenges PDF
TDG11 Community-Based Physical Activity and Recreation: Training Professionals to Improve Quality of Life for Families PDF
TDG12 The KBHN Infant EEG and NRS Group for Early Screening of Neurodevelopmental Disorders PDF
TDG13 Goal Management Training for Atypically Developing Youth PDF
TDG14 Identifying ADHD Research Paths to Impactful Discoveries PDF
TDG15 Evaluating the Impact of Parent Training on Evidence Based Treatment Choice for Children with Autism PDF
TDG16 Child, Family, & System Impact of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Other Than Autism PDF
TDG17 Parent-Integrated Evidence-Based Practice to Improve Quality ("Parent-EPIQ") PDF
TDG18 Finding BALANCE: Building A Team to Improve Healthcare for Children with ASD PDF
TDG20 Expanding Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Clinic Model PDF