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Autism in adults detected by brain scans - CBC News

August 12, 2010

Autism in adults can be diagnosed using MRI brain scans, British scientists have found.

The 15-minute scans were used to identify autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with an accuracy of 90 per cent in 20 people who were previously diagnosed.

First NeuroDevNet Brain Development Conference: MUHC Cerebral Palsy public forum

August 9, 2010

Parents, caregivers and the general public were invited to attend a Public Forum on Cerebral Palsy (CP) on June 6, 2010 during a Brain Development Conference on CP and other pediatric ailments affecting the brain.

This event was organized by an MUHC research group led by Dr. Michael Shevell, director of the Neurology department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, involved with the NeuroDevNet, initiative dedicated to studying children’s brain development from both basic and clinical perspectives.

Technology allows doctors to peek inside baby's brain - Globe & Mail

August 7, 2010

Gabriel Sengara was only a few days old when an ultrasound showed that fragile blood vessels in his brain had ruptured.

The bleed was deemed severe and, at first, doctors couldn’t tell his parents what it would mean for their son, a twin who was born eight weeks early. His tiny brain was still under construction and vulnerable to damage. His mother, Heather, feared the worst.

Functional impact of global rare copy number variation in autism spectrum disorders

July 14, 2010

NeuroDevNet researcher, Stephen Scherer, led research that has been recently published in Nature. Network researcher Susan Bryson also helped author the paper.