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Functional impact of global rare copy number variation in autism spectrum disorders

July 14, 2010

NeuroDevNet researcher, Stephen Scherer, led research that has been recently published in Nature. Network researcher Susan Bryson also helped author the paper.

New initiative to study child brain development - FASD

June 14, 2010

NeuroDevNet is investigating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder through clinical assessments, genetic analysis, and brain imaging studies. The Newsletter of FASD Ontario of Expertise reports on NeuroDevNet's FASD research program.

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Researchers explore how video game technology can treat brain disorders - Globe & Mail

June 4, 2010

Two years ago, Shane Dunne’s son would scream and bolt into the street if he heard a dog bark in the distance.

Fourteen-year-old Sam has Asperger’s syndrome, but today his symptoms, including anxiety about dogs and hypersensitivity to his environment, are under control, thanks in part to a game developed by his computer scientist father.

Cerebral Palsy: Discussion with Dr. Shevell and Mrs. Ahmarani - CBC Radio

June 4, 2010

Dr. Shevell and Mrs. Marlene Ahmarani discussed the challenges of Cerebral Palsy from two different perspectives on Radio Noon in Montreal on CBC Radio One (88.5 FM).

For audio and more information, see the McGill University Health Centre web site.