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NeuroDevNet researcher, Dr. Michael Fehlings, comments on unproven stem cell treatments for children with CP

February 28, 2011

The parents of a little girl with cerebral palsy say they plan to seek out an experimental stem-cell treatment for their daughter south of the border. However, researchers don't advise seeking stem cells treatments outside of a clinical setting. "We would really only recommend that patients and families consider treatments with stem cells within the context of a registered clinical trial," said NeuroDevNet researcher Dr. Michael Fehlings.

2011 Brain Development Conference - Early Bird Registration, Abstract Submission

February 22, 2011

NeuroDevNet is proud to open registration and abstract submission for the 2011 Brain Development Conference.

NeuroDevNet researchers, Dr. Judy Illes and Julie Robillard, write about aging and neuroethics, Vancouver Sun

February 14, 2011

Aging brains present a growing set of challenges

The recent incident involving a dementia patient who received anti-psychotic medication against her family's wishes highlights the urgent need to focus on the changing health care landscape and the ethical concerns it raises.

Dr. Michael Fehlings comments on stem cell treaments, CTV News

February 7, 2011

Dr. Michael Fehlings discusses stem cell treatments with Health Specialist, Dr. Rhonda Low. Dr. Fehlings, a NeuroDevNet researcher and internationally renowned stem cell expert, comments on the challenges of using these treaments for children with cerebral palsy.

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