Board Member Donna Thomson in the Canadian Medical Association Journal: "On becoming a full partner in care"

July 17, 2017

Kids Brain Health Network Board Member, Donna Thomson, is the mother of two adult children, one of whom is Nicholas, who is living with severe cerebral palsy.

In a new article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Thomson discusses the challenges faced by families in navigating the treatment, therapy, and support options available in caring for children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

She explores the fundamental moral and ethical questions parents must ask themselves upon diagnosis, about how to properly love and care for a child living with medical complexities, and ensure their happiness and success. “Honest answers to those questions, shared and agreed between families and professionals, should form the foundation for a therapeutic approach,” says Thomson.

Donna Thomson and her family, courtesy

Listen to the story on Soundcloud, or read the full CMAJ article (subscription required) to explore Thomson's insights on 28 years of parenting and partnering with health care professionals to reach the pathways of best outcome for her son.