Core Services

KT helps to maximize the impact of research and training in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Knowledge and Technology Exchange and Exploitation (KTEE) is an identified priority in the Kids Brain Health Network (formerly NeuroDevNet) strategic plan. The NCE Secretariat’s definition of KTEE in an NCE is “to generate social and economic benefits by ensuring the rapid flow of ideas and innovations from researchers to Canadian receptors”. The KT Core aims to provide a range of KT services to increase the impact of Kids Brain Health generated knowledge on policy and practice, and enhance KT capacity within the Network’s training programs.

The KT services described below will support Kids Brain Health researchers, students and partners with services for:

  1. building networks, collaborations and partnerships
  2. planning workshops, symposia, conferences, stakeholder consultations
  3. producing products such as clear language summaries, videos, infographics and arts based dissemination
  4. capacity building in the form of the KT Core blog, workshops, webinars and guides and tools for doing KT

The KT Core will also help to evaluate KT in Kids Brain Health research and training programs.

KT Core Services:

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, please contact Kids Brain Health's KT Service Providers to find out how the KT Core can help. 
The Kids Brain Health's KT Core is hosted within York University’s award winning Knowledge Mobilization Unit. 

View the KT Core Brochure for more information.