The Kids Brain Health Network 2017 Stakeholder Survey

In 2016, Kids Brain Health Network conducted an environmental scan of the community of individuals dedicated to managing neurodevelopmental conditions such as CP, FASD, and ASD. Participants in the scan identified 44 stakeholder priorities, which help guide our resource and funding allocations.

This summer, in response to stakeholder feedback, we are reopening the dialogue and revisiting the priorities. With ethics approval, we invite Canadians with an interest in neurodisabilities to participate in a survey version of a voting exercise we used at an in-person event in Vancouver.

During the survey, you can identify your specific priorities using 14 “virtual stickers”). The online survey is open to parents, policymakers, and caregivers - and anyone whose life has been affected either directly or indirectly by autism, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) or cerebral palsy.

Please take 10 minutes to participate, and share with your networks across Canada using the following links:

English version of survey
French version of survey

When you first open the survey link you will see an informed consent form that provides information, such as the risks and benefits of participation. This is followed by instructions for how to participate in the survey. By participating, you are indicating your consent.

The Kids Brain Health Survey will remain open until October 31, 2017.

Results will be published as a separate document, and within our Network, will be used to supplement to our initial environmental scan. Your feedback will inform the research and knowledge translation activities of Kids Brain Health over the next several years.

Read the final report on our environmental scan>here.